Data Sheet—Zuckerberg Needs a Slap, Google I/O vs. Microsoft Build, Bird Rides the Strugglebus

To start you week, three really good tech-oriented things I’ve consumed recently: * Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s cover story on Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is a snappily written and illuminating take on the man who has presided over his company’s reinvention. This story has been told over and over. And yet, the yarn about how and why […]

How True Crime Podcast ‘The Murder Squad’ Will Crowdsource Investigations

There’s no shortage of true crime podcasts these days, but a new one debuting Monday, The Murder Squad, is trying to stand out–by regularly inviting the listener to be part of its investigations into murders and disappearances. With fans of the genre already donning their amateur detective hats (just take a look at Reddit threads […]

Spotify Just Snapped Up Another Podcast Company

Streaming giant Spotify spot has acquired podcasting company Parcast. The deal, announced Tuesday morning, is another step in Spotify’s shift from music to audio. Parcast is the studio behind popular shows including Cults, Serial Killers and Mythology, and has more than 20 new podcasts slated to launch later this year. Despite having more than 200 […]

Exclusive: Robinhood Made Its First Acquisition Ever — And It’s a Financial Newsletter

Robinhood, a no-fee trading stock trading startup, just made its first acquisition, and it’s a millennial-focused media company called MarketSnacks. This purchase may seem odd for the fintech giant valued at more than $5 billion, but it makes sense given Robinhood’s increased push to become one-stop shop for a young investor’s needs. “We improved market […]

Spotify Wants You to Listen to Less Music

Spotify’s $340 million play for podcasts is not just an attempt to dominate every facet of your audio experience–though Spotify would certainly like that, too. Following its recent acquisitions of Gimlet, a podcast production house, and Anchor, a broadcasting app for podcast creators, CEO Daniel Ek wrote in the company blog that the moves were […]