Flooding in the U.S. Could Be Worse Than Ever This Spring

The year 2019 has already been a bad one for weather. First, massive winter storms in February paralyzed much of the country. Next was the so-called bomb cyclone that helped create immense flooding across the Midwest, offering devastation of farms. And that may be just the beginning. The U.S. could be in for the worst […]

Massive Flooding Has Destroyed Midwest U.S. Farms. Here’s What You Should Know

A week after it began, major flooding continues to impact millions of people in states including Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota. The ongoing crisis began on Thursday, March 14, when the 90-year-old Spencer Dam broke in Nebraska, northwest of Sioux City, Iowa and Omaha. The dam rupture unleashed an 11-foot wall of water into […]