Date Sheet–How They Stoke Innovation at Levi Strauss, Ford, and Facebook

A Monday medley of quick thoughts to start your day in tech and other topics: * Fortune publishes a gorgeously photographed and informatively described spread today on the “skunkworks” of three Fortune 500 companies: Levi Strauss, Ford, and Facebook. The three couldn’t be more different, yet they are united by their thirst for innovation. Levi […]

Foldable Phone Sales Won’t Open to Big Numbers, Analysts Say

The top Android phone makers showed off foldable models at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona this year. But are the devices, featuring reader-friendly large screens that fold to fit in a pants pocket, the next big thing or just a minor niche? Considering the phones’ high prices and emerging questions about durability, the […]

This Year’s Most Innovative Companies Are Huge. But Scale Isn’t a Prerequisite for Great Ideas

Boston Consulting Group has put out its latest rundown of the most innovative companies, as nominated by 2,500 executives the consultants interviewed. Unsurprisingly, there’s a big tech presence at the top. Here’s the top 10: 1) Alphabet/Google 2) Amazon 3) Apple 4) Microsoft 5) Samsung 6) Netflix 7) IBM 8) Facebook 9) Tesla 10) Adidas […]