Twitch CEO: Europe’s New Copyright Law Could Hurt the Wrong Companies

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear said a new law in Europe that would hold tech companies responsible for the material published by their users is too vague and make things messy for his company. The European Parliament on Tuesday passed a law called Article 13 that would hold companies liable for copyright infringements by their users […]

Google Once Cited EU’s Copyright Reforms as a Business Risk. Now They’re a Reality

Google fought the European Union’s new Copyright Directive for years, as it went through the legislative process. So now that EU lawmakers passed the law on Tuesday, what does that mean for Google and its users? Two parts of the new legislation are particularly relevant here. Article 17 (widely known under its original name, Article […]

EU Holds Online Platforms Liable for Users’ Copyright Infringement

The European Union will make online platforms liable for copyright infringements perpetrated by their users, in a move that will likely force all but the smallest platforms to install filters to spot potential infringements in the content uploaded to their sites. The measure was cleared by the European Parliament on Tuesday, as it approved the […]

Why Four Versions of Wikipedia Have Deliberately Gone Dark

Four language editions of Wikipedia are blacked out Thursday: German, Danish, Czech, and Slovak. The outage is not due to a technical error. It’s a protest against a new law that’s likely to be approved by the European Parliament next Tuesday. The law in question is the new EU Copyright Directive, which would update the […]