Federal Cybersecurity Failures Include a 48-Year-Old System Few People Knew How to Use

Federal agencies fail to follow basic computer security standards including relying on a 48-year-old system for critical work, leaving the government vulnerable to hackers, according to Congressional report published on Tuesday. “In 2017 alone, federal agencies reported 35,277 cyber incidents,” Sen. Robert Portman (R-Ohio) said in a statement about the report. “After a decade of […]

How Many People Work for the U.S. Federal Government?

April 15 is a day that most Americans should feel like a boss. That indelible mark on the calendar–Tax Day–is a reminder, after all, that you’ve got 2,098,913 people on your payroll, as of June. That said, you may be surprised by where exactly your employees are working: The largest share, for instance, is tasked […]