They’re the World’s Best Recyclers. Even They’re Confounded by the Scourge of Plastic 

Jillian York thought she knew how to recycle. After all, she had spent a childhood diligently recycling in New Hampshire, and was living in San Francisco. But when she moved to Berlin in 2013, she faced an urgent question. Where do the glass bottles go? The paper and plastic was simple enough: collect and sort […]

China Has Had Enough of Your Garbage

China is sick and tired of taking rubbish from America. That sentence may or may not be true in a metaphorical sense, but it is absolutely true in a literal sense. According to a flurry of recent reports in the U.S. media, a decision last year by China’s government to ban waste imports has triggered […]

China’s Ban on Imported Recyclables Is Drowning U.S. Cities in Trash

Curbside garbage and recycling pickup tends to seem a bit magical, with waste removed and sent away without most consumers ever seeing where it goes. But many U.S. cities are struggling with an overload of recyclables and may soon change their pickup programs, if they haven’t already. The reason behind that big shift has to […]