Why Companies Should Publicly Disclose Their Workforce Policies

Human capital issues are becoming increasingly important to modern day corporate success. Over the last several years, some of the biggest U.S. corporations have enacted better workplace policies, from making efforts to narrow the pay gap (Salesforce and Microsoft) to providing better training (JPMorgan Chase and Walmart). Even investors are starting to pay closer attention. […]

Job Seekers Aren’t as Interested in Government Gigs as They Used to Be, Research Shows

Even as state governments post more and more job openings, workers are applying for fewer public sector jobs, according to new research published by the National Association of State Chief Administrators (NASCA), global consulting firm Accenture, and NEOGOV, a company that makes human resources software for the public sector. Between 2013 and 2017, across 27 […]

How Trump Plans to Get More Americans Working as Baby Boomers Retire

Citing a strong labor market and an unemployment rate that remained less than 4 percent for most of 2018, President Donald Trump pushed for policies that would encourage more Americans to get back to work in his 2019 Economic Report, as more Baby Boomers enter retirement. “Although this low unemployment rate is a sign of […]