The Party’s Almost Over, Say High-Yield Bond Investors

The high-yield party has been raging. But investors who stick around may have one heck of a hangover. In recent weeks, the difference in yields between high-grade investment or government bonds and low-grade, high-yield corporate bonds dropped to 375 basis points. Often called junk bonds, companies with low credit ratings issue high-yield bonds for access […]

Rare Earths, Bonds and Permit Hell: Three Weapons China Can Use to Escalate the Trade War

The ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China has been intense. Even disputes with other countries have often been used as ways to indirectly attack China. Overall, China has found subtle ways to beat Donald Trump at his own trade war, even as it has suffered economic damage in turn. But China has yet […]

U.S. Companies Are Going After EU Bond Market Investors

Corporate bonds in the U.S. have seen slow times. Companies have been issuing less debt, with investment-grade bond issuance off by 18% year over year, according to Barron’s. High-yield bond offerings are down 25%. Blame a number of factors: rising interest rates that have driven down prices as investors look for better deals, and also […]