English and Welsh Sparkling Wines Are Sparking a New Wave for Bubbles

When thinking of sparkling wine regions, locales like Italy (prosecco), Spain, (cava), and France (Champagne, of course), are usually top of mind. Certainly, there are numerous producers of sparkling wine around the world, but the next big hotspot for bubbles might not be somewhere you’d first expect–for any kind of wine. England has been producing […]

‘Tuned In, But Turned Off:’ Brexit Chaos Pushes Brits Towards a New Kind of Politics

Do you have faith in the British sense of justice and fair play? Then you might want to think again. Thanks to a combination of Brexit, austerity, inequality, and rising crime, the British public is so dissatisfied with the current political system that more than half (54%) of the population now wants “a strong leader […]

A No-Deal Brexit—With Its Catastrophic Consequences—Is Coming Into Clearer View

The risk of a no-deal Brexit is increasing every day, the European Union’s top negotiator warned after the British Parliament yet again failed to achieve consensus about an alternative way forward. On Monday night, U.K. lawmakers voted in a second round of so-called indicative votes, which are votes on possible alternatives to Prime Minister Theresa […]

U.K. Government Rejects Anti-Brexit Petition Signed by 5.8 Million People

The U.K. government has officially rejected a petition with 5.8 million signatures calling for the cancellation of Brexit, saying ignoring the popular mandate of 2016 would “undermine both our democracy and the trust that millions of voters have placed in Government.” The petition, along with a million-strong protest march in London, Saturday, was a last-ditch […]

National Portrait Gallery Rejects Donation From Purdue Pharma’s Sackler Family

A British art gallery has decided it won’t take 1 million pound ($1.3 million) pledge from a charitable organization run by Purdue Pharma’s Sackler family. In a statement on Wednesday, the National Portrait Gallery said that “recent reporting of allegations made against Sackler family members may cause this new donation to deflect the National Portrait […]