‘Standing By Is Not an Option:’ U.K. Is the First G7 Country to Commit to a ‘Net-Zero’ Emissions Target

For one of her last acts as prime minister, Theresa May chose to address climate change. On Wednesday, the outgoing U.K. leader is expected to pass into law legislation on a target to lower the U.K.’s emissions to “net-zero” by 2050, following advice earlier this year from the government’s Committee on Climate Change. The targets […]

The U.K. Cut Emissions to the Lowest Level Since 1888. Here’s How It Did It

The U.K. government may be mired in Brexit-related political chaos, but in at least one area, Westminster can claim some success: It’s proved that the right mix of government policies can dramatically reduce energy-related carbon dioxide or CO2 emissions, according to the International Energy Agency. The country has had “major transformations” in energy policy since […]

Trump Arrives in London for State Visit, Amid Tight U.K. Leadership Race

U.S. President Donald Trump landed in the U.K. on Monday for a three-day state visit at a sensitive time for the country’s ruling Conservative Party. Rival candidates are jostling to replace outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May, and the president has already weighed in with his own opinions on the contenders. President Donald Trump landed at […]

English and Welsh Sparkling Wines Are Sparking a New Wave for Bubbles

When thinking of sparkling wine regions, locales like Italy (prosecco), Spain, (cava), and France (Champagne, of course), are usually top of mind. Certainly, there are numerous producers of sparkling wine around the world, but the next big hotspot for bubbles might not be somewhere you’d first expect–for any kind of wine. England has been producing […]

Theresa May Is Quitting Britain’s Top Job. Business Won’t Like What Comes Next.

The British prime minister, Theresa May, is finally falling on her sword. On Friday morning, she announced her imminent resignation as Conservative Party leader on June 7th. A leadership contest will formally begin on that date, though in reality it has been underway for weeks already. Tory members of Parliament will need to come up […]

One Approach to the U.K.’s Stabbing Epidemic: Stop Selling Knives

While the U.S. is debating semi-automatic gun sales, in the U.K., combatting a crime wave means pulling ordinary kitchen knives off grocery store shelves. On Friday, the CEO of supermarket operator Co-operative Group said on an earnings call that the chain–the U.K.’s sixth-largest–had stopped selling single kitchen knives a few weeks ago. “We’ve launched our […]

National Portrait Gallery Rejects Donation From Purdue Pharma’s Sackler Family

A British art gallery has decided it won’t take 1 million pound ($1.3 million) pledge from a charitable organization run by Purdue Pharma’s Sackler family. In a statement on Wednesday, the National Portrait Gallery said that “recent reporting of allegations made against Sackler family members may cause this new donation to deflect the National Portrait […]