Exclusive: Kirsten Green’s Forerunner Ventures Is Investing in Femtech Startup Modern Fertility

Kirsten Green, the founding partner of VC firm Forerunner Ventures, has become a household name in the startup world with her investments in trailblazing consumer brands like Dollar Shave Club, Glossier, Outdoor Voices, Away, and Warby Parker. But her latest bet extends beyond the typical retail world: Modern Fertility, a women’s health startup that’s making […]

Rory Tackles a Missed Opportunity in Telehealth—Treating Menopause

When telehealth startup Ro launched in 2017, it–like many of its competitors–focused on men’s health. But a year-and-a-half in, the company is now broadening its focus to include women, and specifically a particularly underserved group of women: those in or entering menopause. On Wednesday, the startup launched its latest vertical, dubbed Rory, which is aimed […]