Cryptocurrency, IoT, Scooters? A Zany Plan to Take on Telecom—Data Sheet

Good morning, Data Sheet readers. Robert Hackett, your weekend columnist, filling in for Adam and Aaron today. Since the cats are away, I’ve consulted my trusty buzzword dartboard to see how many fads I might tick off in one go. Internet of Things? Check. Electric scooters. You bet. Cryptocurrency? Did you even have to ask? […]

Trump Targets Huawei in Declaring National Emergency for Threats Against Communications Tech

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that could restrict Chinese telecommunication firms Huawei Technologies and ZTE from selling their equipment in the U.S., ratcheting up the battle for control over new 5G technology networks. The order, which didn’t name any countries or companies, declares a national emergency relating to threats against information and […]

Germany’s 5G Spectrum Auctions Begin, Powered by Fax Machines

Europe’s largest economy is taking its first steps towards building a next-generation mobile network. Germany’s 5G bandwidth spectrum auctions began Tuesday morning at the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) in Bonn, with four telecoms companies bidding on 41 spectrum bundles. Just as 4G networks made it possible for smartphones to become a part of our everyday […]