New Study Reveals the Dangers of Long Commutes During Pregnancy

When Flor Bacasegua was pregnant with her fourth child, she endured a 45-minute commute from her home in Mendota, California to a winery in Madera, where she worked overnight security. The drive, the distance, and the hours were more strenuous than what she’d faced during her previous three pregnancies, cutting into her time for doctors’ […]

Cleo Raises $27.5 Million to Help Companies Support Working Parents

When Jeff Immelt was running GE, he noticed that the company, like many, struggled with attrition. Employees who became parents–and particularly new moms–sometimes didn’t come back to work. “In my world, we would always fight attrition among women that was slightly higher than the men,” says the former GE chairman and CEO. “We would always […]

We’re Launching a Campaign for Paid Leave in Silicon Valley. Only Five Founders Would Sign On

In 2013, I was the director of mobile growth at Yahoo. I was also pregnant with my first child–just as the company was making headlines for banning employees from working from home. During my pregnancy, I went to Yahoo’s leadership and urged them to consider more generous family leave policies for all employees than the […]