One of Mexico City’s Hottest Restaurant Groups Fuses Mexican and Japanese Influences

Seats at the sushi bar of Misaki, newly opened in Los Cabos, look out from just high enough of an angle that the blond wood of the window frames only the ombr? of blues, from endless sea meeting clear blue sky. Looking down at the table, a sampler of tuna sashimi echoes the coastal ombr?–this […]

Review: Meroma Is the Best Restaurant in Mexico City You Haven’t Heard of Yet

The pivotal moment at Meroma came six months in, triggered by a couple from the Netherlands. Shortly after they arrived at the restaurant in the Mexico City’s gentrifying Roma Norte neighborhood, a waiter hurried into the kitchen to grab Rodney Cusic, the co-chef, co-owner, and this night, translator. The Dutch couple spoke no Spanish, the […]