Your Smart TV Is Getting Too Smart for Your Own Good

To the delight of binge-watchers everywhere, it’s no longer prohibitively expensive to purchase a giant television. And those devices are also getting smarter, with features like voice commands, personalized recommendations, and built-in apps for Netflix and other streaming services. It’s almost impossible to buy a TV without them. The average consumer might ascribe the declining […]

A.I. Uses Expected to Expand as U.S. Consumers Warm Up to Trading Data for Convenience

Artificial intelligence is a hot investment for venture capital firms. And as the use of technology expands, some investors expect consumers to become more comfortable with offering their data for added convenience, according to some investors. U.S. consumers are still on the fence about the use of A.I. to crunch massive amounts of personal data […]

Artificial Intelligence Is Center Stage at Brainstorm Tech: Eye on A.I.

These days, executives at big companies come in two flavors, it seems: Those who have already invested in artificial intelligence to sift through their business data and those are considering investing. That’s why A.I. is a key theme at this year’s Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo., a three-day event that kicked off Monday. […]

Ancestry CEO on Genetic Data Privacy: ‘Consumers Need to Think About Who They Do Business With’

Many people who take at-home DNA tests to learn more about their family tree don’t realize that their data could be shared for other purposes. Consumer DNA testing companies share users’ data with law enforcement, drug makers, and even app developers. The implications of privacy around genetic information came into full view when police used […]

What People Get Wrong About China and Artificial Intelligence

China is close to becoming the world’s leader in artificial intelligence, according to conventional wisdom. But Jeffrey Ding, leader of all things China at the Center for the Governance of AI at Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, has a much different take: China’s prowess in artificial intelligence is exaggerated. Ding’s take on China and […]

A Huge Data Breach Fine Against British Airways Is a Warning to Global Execs

Ever since sweeping new data privacy rules took effect in Europe last year, business leaders and privacy advocates alike having been watching and waiting to see which unfortunate business would be the first hit with the massively enhanced fines—up to 4% of global revenues—the law now allows. Well, on Monday, we all got the answer: […]

How Much Is Your Data Worth to Facebook and Google? A New Senate Bill Aims to Find Out

Facebook and Google are being challenged to put a price on how much each person’s data is worth-and provide a way for people to delete some, or all, of their information. The Designing Accounting Safeguards to Help Broaden Oversight And Regulations on Data (DASHBOARD) Act, which was introduced on Monday, takes aim at companies that […]

Facebook Debuts a New Tracking App Just Months After Controversy Over a Similar App

Facebook is offering to pay people who download a new app that tracks what they do on their phones. The company on Tuesday announced the new app, called Study, which will collect data about its users. Study will report back to Facebook about the apps that users have on their phones; how much time they […]

Mark Zuckerberg Answers Critics Who Want to Break Up Facebook

Facebook is being inundated by fake accounts and violent content more than ever. But the company wants you to know that it’s doing a better job of combatting the problem even as it admitted that the job is difficult and often imperfect. Facebook revealed the details on Thursday in a so-called transparency report that covered […]