Why Mark Zuckerberg’s Not Apologizing For That Fake Nancy Pelosi Video—Data Sheet

Aaron in for Adam today. You may have read over the past day that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized for the fake Nancy Pelosi video that went viral on the social network in May and maybe even that he said it was a mistake not to remove it immediately, as Google’s YouTube did. No such […]

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook is Working on a Policy for Policing Deepfake Videos

Facebook is working on a policy to police deepfakes, an emerging threat on the social network that involves users posting videos altered by artificial intelligence to spread misinformation. But CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it’s a complicated matter because the company wants to avoid deleting videos in which the person featured merely feels they were misrepresented, […]

‘Deceit and Lies and Obstruction of Justice’: 2020 Democratic Candidates Split With Pelosi on Impeachment

Numerous Democrats running for president are turning impeachment of President Donald Trump into a campaign focal point, pressuring party leaders who are trying to throttle back expectations that Democratic House will act quickly. The 2020 contenders and congressional Democrats face a growing clamor from the party’s activist base for impeachment proceedings to commence in Washington. […]

‘Ill-Prepared’ Trump vs ‘Do Nothing’ Democrats: The Aftermath of an Infrastructure Meeting

The infrastructure meeting between President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and other Congressional Democrats was not necessarily expected to yield an immediate outcome. But rather than discussing how to fund the $2 trillion infrastructure plan, the meeting abruptly ended and has devolved into finger pointing in the 24 […]

Pelosi Says Trump Is Becoming ‘Self-Impeachable’

A day after saying President Donald Trump is “goading” Democrats to impeach him for the purpose of “solidify[ing] his base of supporters,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doubled down on her comments. While Pelosi still opposes introducing articles of impeachment against Trump, Pelosi said Wednesday that Trump is “becoming self-impeachable” due to his efforts to ignore […]

Senate Passes Resolution Opposing Trump’s National Emergency

The Senate voted 59-41 in opposition of President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration for a wall on the southern U.S. border Thursday, with 12 Republicans crossing the aisle to pass the measure. Trump has vowed to veto the resolution, ensuring he gets the funds he needs to fulfill a long-held campaign promise. Still, the vote […]