NYSE Owner Buys Crypto Custodian in Latest Push to Offer Bitcoin

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), which owns the New York Stock Exchange, made a splash last August with big plans to get into the Bitcoin business. Those ambitions, however, have been stymied by regulatory delays, leading ICE on Monday to announce a series of measures to jumpstart its efforts. Most notably, ICE announced the acquisition of a […]

Curv Moves to Shake Up Crypto Storage With Cloud-Based Service, Raises $6.5 Million

Storing cryptocurrency can come with considerable headaches, which has led some financial institutions to avoid offering to hold it for customers altogether. In response, a New York start-up called Curv is proposing a new solution: Replace the current storage method, which involves dividing the digital “private key” among multiple trusted individuals, with a system that […]

Busting Myths About Cryptocurrency Custody

I’ve noticed some inaccuracies popping up lately regarding how people are thinking about cryptocurrency custody and storage solutions. The discussion usually centers on “hot” versus “cold”–meaning, online versus offline–storage of private keys, which are the private codes that allow you to transfer crypto assets. Let’s address these misconceptions, one by one. Misconception #1: you can’t […]