Coinbase Shuts Chicago Office as Crypto Slump Continues

In May 2018, Coinbase opened an office in Chicago as part of an ambitious plan to expand its trading products and tap the city’s finance expertise. Less than a year later, the cryptocurrency company is abandoning those plans, and laying off approximately 30 engineers in the process. In a statement on Tuesday, Coinbase said it […]

Crypto Cowboy Binance Wants to Play By the Rules

Binance came out of nowhere in 2017 to become the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange. Its explosive growth has been fueled by a strategy of avoiding the regulatory headaches that go with the conventional banking system, and focusing instead on the freewheeling world of crypto-to-crypto trading. Now, Binance is wading into the world of government-issued money–raising […]

A Crypto Dividend? Coinbase ‘Staking’ Service Offers Fixed Income Investment

Investing in cryptocurrency is like putting your money in highly volatile growth stocks. Your profits (or just as likely your losses) will be determined by whether the price of your digital assets goes up or down. There is little akin to value stocks that pay out a regular dividend. That’s why it’s intriguing to see […]

FBI Probing Bitcoin Exchange Quadriga Over Missing $136 Million, Source Alleges

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are said to be looking into the implosion of Quadriga, a cryptocurrency exchange that has been unable to account for at least $136 million in customer funds since the mysterious death of its 30-year-old CEO in December. Jesse Powell, the CEO of crypto exchange […]

Coinbase Lists Controversial Cryptocurrency XRP, Price Jumps 10%

Coinbase plans to add XRP, one of the world’s most controversial cryptocurrencies, to the list of virtual coins traded on its exchange, the company said Monday. XRP is a digital asset tied to a blockchain ledger that’s used for cross-border payments. The virtual coin has provoked controversy for its tangled history with Ripple, a startup […]

Busting Myths About Cryptocurrency Custody

I’ve noticed some inaccuracies popping up lately regarding how people are thinking about cryptocurrency custody and storage solutions. The discussion usually centers on “hot” versus “cold”–meaning, online versus offline–storage of private keys, which are the private codes that allow you to transfer crypto assets. Let’s address these misconceptions, one by one. Misconception #1: you can’t […]