Will A.I., Blockchain, 5G, and Virtual Reality Give Companies a Competitive Edge?

Artificial intelligence. Blockchain. 5G networks. Virtual reality. Business executives have no doubt been inundated with marketing materials and sales pitches proclaiming that these buzzy technologies will give them the edge over their competitors. But oftentimes, big tech initiatives fail, leading to disappointed management teams disillusioned by vendor promises. Executives gathered Wednesday at Fortune‘s Brainstorm Tech […]

Can Blockchain Build a Better Bank? Experts Weigh In—The Ledger

Can blockchain build a better bank? That was the subject of a roundtable discussion I attended (and co-programmed) at Fortune’s inaugural Brainstorm Finance conference last month. The conversation, moderated over lunch by my colleague Jeff Roberts, was a wide-ranging one. It covered the evolution of decentralized technologies, the path forward with respect to regulation, and […]

Fintech Trends for 2020— Facebook Project Libra, Amazon, and Millennials: The Ledger

Now that we’ve had a little more than a week to decompress from our time in Montauk for Brainstorm Finance, we’ve been reflecting on everything we learned and culling the key trends that emerged from our discussions with top executives. That’s why, in lieu of a guest on this week’s “Balancing the Ledger,” the three […]

Disrupting the Dollar, Gold vs Bitcoin, Marvelous Montauk —The Ledger

On the shores of foggy Montauk, tech and finance executives gathered last week at Fortune’s Brainstorm Finance to talk about big ideas. Notably, they explored how the ethos of Silicon Valley is seeping into Wall Street, and asked whether big banks will be displaced–or if the old guard of the financial world will simply appropriate […]

Why Blockchain ‘Hype’ Needs to Stop

Hype–tons if it–has long infiltrated the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, and IBM blockchain general manager Marie Wieck, for one, would like it to end. “Stop the hype” with blockchain, she said at Fortune‘s Brainstorm Finance conference in Montauk, N.Y. on Thursday. Instead, she said, focus on the value proposition it brings to the table. “The […]

What’s Next in Blockchain? Ask This Teenage Engineer

A 17-year-old, brain-computer interface developer is challenging people to rethink the possibilities of blockchain by creating her own encrypted interface where people can share genetic data. Ananya Chadha–the youngest interviewee at Fortune‘s inaugural Brainstorm Finance conference in Montauk, N.Y.–told Fortune Editor-at-Large Shawn Tully that “blockchain is so powerful for things that most people forget about.” […]

Circle CEO: Zuckerberg Is ‘Betting on Decentralization’ With Facebook’s Libra

It comes as no surprise that Facebook’s new cryptocurrency Libra is causing a stir–especially with increasing privacy concerns and government scrutiny of the company. While politicians in Washington and Europe alike expressed concerns over the prospective digital currency, blockchain insiders are looking ahead to Libra’s applications–and not just as another cryptocurrency. “Everybody’s been focused on […]

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Ambitions Provoke Heated Debate—The Ledger

At a dinner last week, The Ledger observed Michael Casey and Paul Vigna, coauthors of The Age of Cryptocurrency and its blockchain sequel The Truth Machine, get into the sort of row that only coauthors (and perhaps long-married spouses) know. Casey downplayed Facebook’s seemingly omnipotent advantage in getting its cryptocurrency adopted and used, saying its […]

Cryptocurrency, IoT, Scooters? A Zany Plan to Take on Telecom—Data Sheet

Good morning, Data Sheet readers. Robert Hackett, your weekend columnist, filling in for Adam and Aaron today. Since the cats are away, I’ve consulted my trusty buzzword dartboard to see how many fads I might tick off in one go. Internet of Things? Check. Electric scooters. You bet. Cryptocurrency? Did you even have to ask? […]