Africa Is Tech’s Next Great Frontier, Github A.I. Lead Says

The bleeding edge of technology innovation is increasingly shifting from Silicon Valley to places that are also at the frontiers of economic development, including sub-Saharan Africa, says Omoju Miller, the head of machine learning at software development platform Github. Miller, who grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, told the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference that both demographics […]

A.I.’s Hidden Biases Are Continuing to Bedevil Businesses. Can They Be Stopped?

Bias will continue to be a fundamental concern for businesses hoping to adopt artificial intelligence software, according to senior executives from IBM and Salesforce, two of the leading companies selling such A.I.-enabled tools. Companies have become increasingly wary that hidden biases in the data used to train A.I. systems may result in outcomes that unfairly—and […]

An Algorithm May Decide Your Next Pay Raise

Just about everyone agrees that the traditional, annual-review-based way of evaluating employees simply doesn’t work anymore, if it ever did. In fact, it’s hard to think of anything businesses routinely do that’s more universally unpopular. A recent global Mercer survey of HR leaders worldwide found that just 2% believe their current performance-management systems are very […]

Why Facebook’s Card Shark Poker Bot Won’t Ruin the Game—Data Sheet

To paraphrase a line from one of my favorite movies¹, it’s sad to see another tired A.I. bot lay down his hand and quit the holy game of poker. Chess, checkers, Go, now poker? Yes, it’s true. A team of artificial intelligence researchers at Carnegie Mellon and Facebook have developed a poker-playing A.I. bot dubbed […]

A New A.I. Is Running the Table Against Poker Pros. Is Business Strategy Next?

It knows when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. And, unlike in the old Kenny Rodgers ballad, it didn’t need a grizzled cowboy gambler to teach it a trick or two. A poker bot has beaten a table full of pros at six-player, no-limit Texas Hold ’em, the version of the game used […]

Artificial Intuition Wants to Guide Business Decisions. Can It Improve on ‘Going With Your Gut’?

Gut feelings aren’t always correct, but ask any business leader how they make decisions, and intuition almost always plays a role—even in the age of advanced analytics. Positioning itself as a tool of the times, Node, a San Francisco based startup founded by an ex-Google employee, announced Thursday what it calls the next wave of […]

Meet the Amazon Voice Designer Who Is the ‘Real Alexa’

Before you say, “Hey Alexa,” say hello to Alison. Alison Atwell, 31, sits at a unique perch in the dialog between humans and machines: She’s a Voice User Interface (VUI) Designer at Amazon, where she trains Alexa and guides the conversation between companies and the millions of people who talk to Alexa everyday. She’s also […]

Artificial Intelligence Hype Meets Reality: Eye on A.I.

Despite all the hype about artificial intelligence, most executives expect that it will take years before the cutting-edge technology gives their businesses a financial lift. Their long-term view was laid out by consulting firm KPMG in a recent survey of 400 executives, all of whom had artificial intelligence projects in progress within their companies. The […]

Apple’s Latest Acquisition Shows Self-Driving Cars Are in the Doldrums of Disappointment

Apple’s recent acquisition of autonomous vehicle startup throws a monkey wrench into the theory that it had backed away from an existing self-driving car initiative, known as Project Titan. Early this year, Apple laid off 190 Project Titan staffers, including more than 100 engineers. But now Apple is bring on more engineers from, […]

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook is Working on a Policy for Policing Deepfake Videos

Facebook is working on a policy to police deepfakes, an emerging threat on the social network that involves users posting videos altered by artificial intelligence to spread misinformation. But CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it’s a complicated matter because the company wants to avoid deleting videos in which the person featured merely feels they were misrepresented, […]