Trump Blacklisted Huawei After China Trade War Negotiations Stalled

The Trump administration held off on blacklisting Huawei Technologies Co. out of concern the move could disrupt trade negotiations with China and only took action after the last round of talks hit an impasse, according to people familiar with the matter. Plans to target the Chinese telecommunications equipment maker over security concerns had been on […]

Google Suspending Huawei’s Android License Could Be a ‘Death Blow.’ Should Other Tech Firms Be Scared?

In one swift move, Google delivered a “death blow” to Huawei on Sunday, suspending the Chinese company’s Android license and potentially stopping the growth of the world’s second largest smartphone maker in its tracks. Google’s decision–the first time it’s taken such a measure with one of the world’s leading smartphone makers–halts Huawei from selling future […]

U.S. Tells Germany to Drop Huawei or Face a Cut in Intelligence Sharing

If Germany builds its 5G network using Huawei huawei technology, the U.S. will limit the intelligence it shares. That was the message delivered by Washington’s ambassador to Berlin, Richard Grenell, in a letter to German economics minister Peter Altmaier, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday. The correspondence added that if Germany uses Huawei or any […]