Watch the Moment AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson Gets Interrupted by a Robocall During a Live Interview

Even the CEO of AT&T isn’t immune from getting interrupted by a robocall. Randall Stephenson, the CEO of the telecommunications company, was in the middle of a live interview onstage at the Economic Club of Washington D.C. on Wednesday, when he felt a tap from his smartwatch, indicating that he was receiving a call. Stephenson […]

Watch John Oliver Urge the FCC to Fix Robocalls—by Robocalling Them Nonstop

John Oliver has got the FCC’s number. On Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the host dedicated a segment to excessive “robocalls”–those unsolicited automated messages used by big corporations and scammers alike, that have become a constant nuisance for cell-phone users. They’ve become nearly impossible to curb, in part because mobile providers […]