Sierra Nevada Still Waiting for Half the Proceeds from Its Camp Fire Benefit Beer

When California’s deadly Camp Fire wiped out the entire town of Paradise and other surrounding areas, Sierra Nevada sprung into action, announcing plans to brew a special pale ale with all proceeds benefiting the people of the region. Over 1,400 brewers around the country signed up to make the beer in their own taprooms–nearly a […]

Bank CEO Charged With Approving Risky Manafort Loans In Hopes of Landing Army Job

Stephen Calk, the one-time CEO of the Federal Savings Bank of Chicago, has been charged by the Justice Department of approving risky loans in exchange for a position in the Trump administration. Prosecutors on Thursday unsealed the indictment, saying Calk approved $16 million in high-risk loans, reportedly to former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, with […]

Bill Gates Thinks You Should Read These Five Books This Summer

Bill Gates has a different idea of summer reading than most people. The founder of Microsoft and head of the Gates Foundation has announced his annual suggestion of five good summer reads. And the theme this year is hardly light-hearted. “I’ve recently found myself drawn to books about upheaval… whether it’s the Soviet Union right […]

A Judge Upheld a House Subpoena to Obtain Trump’s Financial Records. Now What?

The House Oversight and Reform Committee is one step closer to obtaining President Donald Trump’s financial records–but the end might still be just out of sight. U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta upheld the Committee’s subpoena on Monday, arguing that it has the authority to examine Trump’s records. But what happens next? Both sides have agreed […]

Eye on A.I.— Introducing Fortune’s New Brainstorm A.I. Conference

Artificial intelligence promises to revolutionize business by making it possible for computers to translate languages, identify people in photos, and analyze data to find new ways to make money. But despite these advances, most companies haven’t incorporated A.I. into their operations because it’s either too complicated, too expensive, or too early. With that in mind, […]