Alexa, I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About Amazon’s Emotion-Detecting Wearable

From video streaming to prescriptions, cloud services to doorbell cameras, Amazon is in our lives in more ways than we count. But there’s one particular place–my emotional health–where I really don’t want the e-commerce giant poking around. Amazon is working on an Alexa-powered wearable that can read emotions, Bloomberg is reporting, citing people who claim […]

How an Entry-Level UX Designer at Amazon Got Her Foot in the Door

Fortune’s Entry/Level column is dedicated to people looking for and working in entry-level positions–read the full series here. We interview entry-levelers about their jobs, how they got them, what they want to do next, and more. The subject’s answers are edited for clarity. Kiran Ramsey is a 23-year-old UX designer from Indianapolis working at Amazon […]

Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet Join Global Pledge to Combat Online Hate Speech

The leaders of France and New Zealand joined with the world’s biggest online platforms in pledging to help curb the internet’s role in spreading hate speech and incitement to violence. At a summit in Paris Wednesday, representatives from Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., and Alphabet Inc., committed to use and develop rules, algorithms and direct intervention […]

Amazon Alexa’s New ‘Guard’ Can Help Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away

Amazon Alexa can not only control your smart home, it can now protect it as well. On Tuesday, Amazon introduced Alexa Guard, a feature that adds home security through any Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo smart speaker. Users can get automatic alerts when the device detects the sound of a smoke alarm, a carbon monoxide […]

In an Unusual Move, Amazon Debuts Its New ‘Counter’ Offering Outside the U.S. Inc. is launching a delivery option that will let customers retrieve parcels from staffed counters at U.K. and Italian retailers, aiming to take advantage of the popularity of click-and-collect services across Europe. The U.S. online retailer has struck a partnership with Next Plc to operate the counters at the apparel chain’s more than 500 […]

A Wellness Kitchen for Dogs: Petco’s Answer to Amazon and Chewy

The pet food industry is booming possibly more than ever before, with direct-to-consumer startups and big box stores alike capitalizing on what could be the hottest trend in the space right now: fresh, human-grade pet food. Petco is catching on with the opening of a brand new, state-of-the-art pet food kitchen at its flagship store […]

Amazon Gave Jobs to DOD Staff Working on Cloud Bid, Lawsuit Claims

At least two Pentagon employees were offered jobs at Inc. while working on the Defense Department’s $10 billion cloud contract, a lawsuit filed by Oracle Corp. alleges. The amended complaint, made public on Tuesday, claims Deap Ubhi, a former employee at a high-level Defense Department technology unit, helped design the cloud contract in a […]

Amazon Merchants Hit by Extensive Six-Month Fraud Inc. was hit by an “extensive” fraud, revealing that unidentified hackers were able to siphon funds from merchant accounts over six months last year. Amazon believes it was the victim of a “serious” online attack by hackers who broke into about 100 seller accounts and funneled cash from loans or sales into their own […]

Surprise Amazon Go Store Opening Causes New Yorkers to Do What They Do Best: Line Up

Amazon and New York City are friends again. Months after the retail giant quit the city in a huff over opposition to its planned corporate headquarters, an Amazon Go store quietly appeared in Manhattan at dawn on Tuesday morning. New Yorkers greeted the arrival of the cashier-less store warmly, lining up to buy sandwiches, snacks […]