“Alarms Went off in the Spacecraft.” How IBM Computer Whizzes Saved Apollo 11

Homer Ahr never stepped foot on the Moon. But Ahr (pronounced “are”) along with thousands of his International Business Machines colleagues and on-the-ground partners in NASA, made their mark on history another way. They were the unsung computer whizzes responsible, on July 20, 1969, for helping Apollo 11’s astronauts touch down on the lunar surface—and […]

Scientists Want to Pay You $19,000 to Stay in Bed 2 Months. Here’s Why

Scientists are looking for women ages 24-55 willing to stay in bed for 60 days in order to determine how weightlessness affects the human body–and they’re willing to pay you 16,500 euros (around $18,522) to do it. When astronauts are in space, the weightlessness caused by microgravity can cause changes to human’s bodies that can […]

India Joins Space ‘Super League’ As It Shoots Down a Satellite for the First Time

India’s quest to become a serious space player just took another big step forward, after the country successfully used a missile to shoot down a satellite. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is hoping for re-election next month, said Wednesday that the test, dubbed Mission Shakti, put his country into the space “super league.” “A […]

SpaceX Will Launch Another Dummy into Space on Saturday. Here’s How to Watch

Can Elon Musk’s SpaceX successfully carry people into space? That question should get a partial answer within the next 24-hours, thanks to a test named ‘Demo-1’. In the early hours of Saturday morning, SpaceX will attempt a demonstration mission for Crew Dragon, a version of its spacecraft that’s been fitted out to carry people rather […]

Japan’s Probe Spacecraft Is Preparing to Touch Down on an Asteroid

All eyes will be on space on Friday when Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) tries to land a spacecraft on a far-flung asteroid. The spacecraft, called the Hayabusa2, is entering its final descent towards the Ryugu asteroid and will attempt to land on it on Friday, according to the Associated Press. If successful, the spacecraft […]