Coming Off Paris Air Show High, Here’s What Boeing Must Do to Get the 737 MAX (and Its Business) Back in the Air

Talk about turbulence. Boeing saw a stunning moment of redemption at last week’s Paris Air Show; then returned home to FAA reports of yet another potential flaw in the 737 MAX’s software. But beyond fixes to the plane itself, the company’s larger issue may be much more basic: Nick Hennen. This media relations advisor from […]

U.S. Government Quietly Replaced Former Intel CEO as Its Top Drone Policy Advisor

Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao turned to a longtime if little known member of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Drone Advisory Committee to head the group, after last year’s quiet departure of founding chairman Brian Krzanich. Effective May 15, Michael Chasen, CEO of commercial drone developer PrecisionHawk, took over as head of the committee, which advises […]

Boeing Tries to Rebuild Confidence in the Company and 737 Max Aircraft

Boeing has invited regulators, technical experts, and pilots from around the world to a briefing scheduled for Wednesday for a company status update. The meeting is being taken as a sign that Boeing is close to a software fix that would keep the 737 Max from the suspected problem of mistakenly pushing the nose down, […]

Canadian and European Regulators to Certify Boeing 737 Max Changes in Addition to FAA

European and Canadian regulators plan to conduct their own review of updates made to the Boeing 737 Max aircraft, the Associated Press reports, displaying a lack of trust in the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. Planes are certified by the country in which they’re built, and typically the standards of certification are trusted globally. Since two […]

Trump Names Former Delta Executive Stephen Dickson to Lead the FAA Amid the Boeing Scandal

President Donald Trump named former airline executive Stephen Dickson to run the Federal Aviation Administration as the agency faces scrutiny for its role in approving the Boeing Co. 737 Max for service before two fatal crashes of the jetliner. The FAA administrator job has been vacant since Michael Huerta, who had been appointed by President […]

Pilots of Two U.S. Boeing Max 8 Planes Reported Autopilot Problems Last Year, AP Says

Pilots on two Boeing 737 Max 8 planes filed reports last year that indicated tilting problems similar to the suspected causes of two Boeing aircraft crashes in the past several months, the AP reported Tuesday. The pilots on both flights said that each airplane began to tilt down suddenly shortly after the pilots turned on […]

Former FAA Safety Inspector on the Boeing 737 Max 8: ‘I Would Watch for that Airplane’

A day after an Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed and killed all 157 people on board, Boeing is facing renewed pressure regarding its 737 Max 8 planes–now at the center of two fatal crashes. The latest is from a former Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety inspector. Speaking to CNN on Monday morning, David Soucie noted that […]