Michael J Fox’s Parkinson’s Foundation Is Teaming Up With DNA Testing Firm 23andMe

Michael J. Fox’s eponymous Parkinson’s foundation is teaming up with DNA testing firm 23andMe, the group tells Fortune. The new project is dubbed the Fox Insight Data Exploration Network (or Fox DEN) and will serve as the analytics platform for a Parkinson’s study being funded by the actor-advocate-patient’s Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research […]

23andMe Plans New Genetic Test on Risk of Getting Diabetes

In an update to its genetic test, 23andMe is trying to make it easier for people to combat type 2 diabetes. When customers now purchase the company’s $199 Health & Ancestry Service test, they’ll get their saliva screened for type 2 diabetes, among a variety of other health conditions, the company said in a statement […]