‘How Many People Will Be Killed?’: Why Trump Decided Against Striking Iran

The planes were ready–their deadly cargo poised for delivery within a half-hour. President Donald Trump had been given a series of options Thursday night on how to respond to Iran’s downing of an unmanned American surveillance drone. Senior military advisers zeroed in on a plan to launch strikes on a trio of sites within Iran, […]

New Routes and Cancellations: Airlines Worldwide React to the U.S. Ban on Iranian Airspace

Early Friday morning, the Federal Aviation Administration banned all U.S.-registered aircraft from flying over Iranian airspace, and airlines worldwide are following the guidance. The FAA warned of a “potential for miscalculation or misidentification” in the region after an Iranian surface-to-air missile on Thursday brought down an unmanned U.S. drone with a wingspan larger than a […]

Trump Approved a Military Strike Against Iran—Then Backtracked on the Attack

The United States made preparations for a military strike against Iran in retaliation for the downing of a U.S. surveillance drone, but the operation was abruptly called off with just hours to go, a U.S. official said. The official, who was not authorized to discuss the operation publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity, said […]

Iran Says It Shot Down a U.S. Drone Amid Escalating Tensions in the Oil Region

Iran said it shot down a U.S. drone near the mouth of the Persian Gulf, escalating already fierce tensions in an oil-exporting region that’s been on the brink of a military confrontation for weeks. Oil prices surged. “We will defend Iran’s airspace and maritime boundaries with all our might,” Ali Shamkhani, secretary-general for the Supreme […]

Your Questions About the U.S.-Iran Standoff, Answered

Hostilities are heating up between the United States and Iran and while President Donald Trump says he’s not looking to go to war with Tehran, it’s unclear how the standoff can be resolved. Here’s a look at what’s behind the mounting tension and what’s at stake for both sides, as well as U.S. allies in […]

Iran Nuclear Deal, Enriched Uranium, and U.S. Sanctions: Everything You Need to Know

Iran is 10 days away from exceeding the uranium stockpile limit imposed by the 2015 nuclear deal. Behrouz Kamalvandi, a spokesman for Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, said Monday that the country has quadrupled production of uranium, such that it would surpass the 300-kilogram limit by June 27. He noted, however, that there was “still time” […]

Two Japanese Oil Tankers Reportedly Attacked Near Strait of Hormuz

Two oil tankers near the strategic Strait of Hormuz were reportedly attacked on Thursday, an assault that left one ablaze and adrift as sailors were evacuated from both vessels and the U.S. Navy rushed to assist amid heightened tensions between Washington and Tehran. Japan’s Trade Ministry said the two vessels had “Japan-related cargo” as Prime […]

How Persian Ice Cream Found Its Way to the Center of Los Angeles Food Culture

A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law purchased an ice cream machine on sale. Although he might be the human version of Bob the Builder and incredibly well-versed in just about any task he sets his mind to, my brother-in-law is no chef or ice cream maker. Why, then, purchase the tool? “To make akbar mashti, […]

‘World’s Most Important Oil Chokepoint’ Is Ground Zero for the Escalating U.S.-Iran Feud

When tensions rise in the Strait of Hormuz, history says trouble is ahead. The strait–which forms a tiny passage from the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Oman–is the “world’s most important oil chokepoint,” according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The narrow waterway forms a crucial link between the vast oil reserves of […]