The U.K.—If You Can Believe It—May Soon Face Yet Another Referendum

The U.K., which clearly hasn’t had its fill of referendums recently, may face another one in the next couple of years–this time about Scottish independence, again. The last such referendum took place in 2014. It was fairly close–though not as close as the Brexit referendum that would follow two years later–with 55.3% of Scots voting […]

The ‘Divorce Capital of the World’ May Not Have That Title for Long

Brexit looks like the world’s worst break-up. But for cross-channel couples currently on the skids, the U.K.’s separation from the European Union may just be the harbinger of another messy split to come: their own. As the British Parliament grapples with unknowns over when and how its extraction from the EU will happen, divorce lawyers […]

Europe Thinks Ethics Is the Key to Winning the A.I. Race. Not Everyone Is Convinced

Can ethics be a competitive advantage in the booming artificial intelligence industry? Europe’s executive body hopes so, but some industry voices are skeptical. The European Commission on Monday announced a pilot of ethical A.I. guidelines proposed by a group of independent experts that includes representatives of companies such as Google, IBM and SAP, along with […]

A No-Deal Brexit—With Its Catastrophic Consequences—Is Coming Into Clearer View

The risk of a no-deal Brexit is increasing every day, the European Union’s top negotiator warned after the British Parliament yet again failed to achieve consensus about an alternative way forward. On Monday night, U.K. lawmakers voted in a second round of so-called indicative votes, which are votes on possible alternatives to Prime Minister Theresa […]

Speed Limiters and Built-In Breathalyzers May Soon Be Mandatory in All EU Cars

New safety features for cars, including speed-limiting technology, are likely to be mandated in Europe after lawmakers and European Union countries reached a deal Tuesday. So-called intelligent speed assistance (ISA) technology is already found in some high-end vehicles from manufacturers such as Ford and Honda, but the plan is to ensure it’s rolled out more […]

Google Once Cited EU’s Copyright Reforms as a Business Risk. Now They’re a Reality

Google fought the European Union’s new Copyright Directive for years, as it went through the legislative process. So now that EU lawmakers passed the law on Tuesday, what does that mean for Google and its users? Two parts of the new legislation are particularly relevant here. Article 17 (widely known under its original name, Article […]

U.S. Companies Are Going After EU Bond Market Investors

Corporate bonds in the U.S. have seen slow times. Companies have been issuing less debt, with investment-grade bond issuance off by 18% year over year, according to Barron’s. High-yield bond offerings are down 25%. Blame a number of factors: rising interest rates that have driven down prices as investors look for better deals, and also […]

U.S. Preparing to Take a Tougher Stance on German-Russian Gas Pipeline

The Trump administration is readying a tough stance against a Russian gas pipeline with sanctions, according to the Wall Street Journal. The move is driving tensions between the U.S., Germany, and other parts of the EU. The reason is a combination of geopolitics and competition in selling natural gas. At the center of the current […]