Intel’s New CEO Blames Years-Long Chip Delay on Being Too ‘Aggressive’

Intel was too ambitious in trying to create a better class of processors in recent years, leading to major delays that have created an opportunity for competitors to grab more of the market for PC chips, the company’s new CEO acknowledged on Tuesday. Bob Swan, in one of his first public appearances since being named […]

AMD’s 50-Year Tug-of-War with Intel Just Took an Interesting Turn

Of all the bitter rivalries that have stoked competition in Silicon Valley, the longest-running battle belongs to chipmakers Intel and Advanced Micro Devices. At a computer conference in Taiwan this weekend, the tech tug-of-war between the two companies underwent an intriguing twist. For decades, Intel has typically dominated in the market for the processors that […]

Chip Wars 2019: What Nvidia, AMD, Intel and Dell Announced At Computex

Most of the tech industry gathered in Taiwan this week at the annual Computex show to unveil new devices for everything from running machine learning programs to playing the most bandwidth-intensive video games. The biggest chipmakers–Nvidia, Advanced Micro Devices, and Intel–all showed off new microprocessors that they said would increase the speed of new laptop […]

How Intel Is Trying to Win Back Investor Confidence

Intel’s new CEO Bob Swan continued his campaign to reset expectations about the chipmaking giant, but with limited success. Hosting its first investor day in more than two years, Intel invited Wall Street analysts and fund managers to its Santa Clara, Calif. headquarters for three hours of presentations and speeches. The aim was to convince […]

Nvidia Has a Cheap A.I.-Focused Computer for the Do-it-Yourself Crowd

Nvidia’s cutting-edge graphics cards used for playing video games and-increasingly-for performing artificial intelligence and machine learning tasks can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But on Monday, CEO Jensen Huang announced a product for the “maker” market of students, hobbyists, and tinkerers with a tiny $99 computer optimized for A.I and machine learning. Dubbed […]

Why Intel’s Graphics Card Turf War With Nvidia and AMD Turned to Open Standards

As Intel prepares to take on Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices with its own line of graphics cards coming out in a few years, the chipmaking giant is planting seeds now, by using its dominant position in processor chips, to catch up to its two rivals. On Monday, Intel and some partners debuted an open […]