Ethiopian Airlines Crash Likely Due to Problematic Boeing 737 Max 8 Safety Feature, Say Investigators

Investigators examining data from Ethiopian Airlines flight 302’s black boxes have come to a preliminary conclusion. They say the anti-stall feature of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 activated before the plane nosedived into the ground, according to the Wall Street Journal. The conclusions could see revisions. The same mechanism was suspect in the Lion Air […]

Boeing Tries to Rebuild Confidence in the Company and 737 Max Aircraft

Boeing has invited regulators, technical experts, and pilots from around the world to a briefing scheduled for Wednesday for a company status update. The meeting is being taken as a sign that Boeing is close to a software fix that would keep the 737 Max from the suspected problem of mistakenly pushing the nose down, […]

Boeing Stock and the Dow Take Heat Over Ethiopian Airlines Crash

Following the weekend tragedy of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, and its similarities to the crash of Indonesia’s Lion Air Flight JT610 in October 2018, Boeing stock is tumbling ahead of Monday’s opening bell. There is no official link at the moment between the two crashes, but the similar circumstances have caused concern. Both flights involved […]