A Brief History of In-Flight Meals

Although not renowned for their excellence in culinary circles, in-flight meals are a relatively recent privilege to which fliers haven’t always been treated. The first ever airline meal was served in 1919 on a Handley-Page flight from London to Paris. According to Travel + Leisure in 2017, selections at the time “typically included cold fried […]

As the U.S. and EU Trade Tariff Threats Over Boeing and Airbus Subsidies, a Chinese Upstart Looms

The European Union on Wednesday unveiled a list of $20 billion worth of U.S. imports that it might hit with tariffs in retaliation for tariff threats made last week by the U.S. If the EU goes ahead with the tariffs, on goods such as suitcases and tobacco, the figure will probably end up around $13.5 […]

Ethiopian Airlines Crash Likely Due to Problematic Boeing 737 Max 8 Safety Feature, Say Investigators

Investigators examining data from Ethiopian Airlines flight 302’s black boxes have come to a preliminary conclusion. They say the anti-stall feature of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 activated before the plane nosedived into the ground, according to the Wall Street Journal. The conclusions could see revisions. The same mechanism was suspect in the Lion Air […]

Flights Search Engines Are Starting to Tweak Results to Avoid Boeing 737 Max for U.S. Travel

Trying to keep track of all the airlines–or entire countries–that have grounded the Boeing 737 Max 8 is becoming a challenge. The Federal Aviation Administration has quickly become isolated with its call that the plane is safe to fly. In much of the world, it’s bad news for Boeing, which insists that the plane is […]

Boeing Stock and the Dow Take Heat Over Ethiopian Airlines Crash

Following the weekend tragedy of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, and its similarities to the crash of Indonesia’s Lion Air Flight JT610 in October 2018, Boeing stock is tumbling ahead of Monday’s opening bell. There is no official link at the moment between the two crashes, but the similar circumstances have caused concern. Both flights involved […]