How Portugal Became the Epicenter of Sustainability for the Wine Industry

While climate change is affecting every industry across the globe, the agricultural sector—wine in particular—is reeling from it. Wine growers constantly face new adversaries in the vineyard—such as hailstorms, heat waves, and disease pressure—that are unpredictable and destructive. Numerous regions are examining how they can mitigate these issues, but one country in particular is emerging […]

Tap These Bottles of Wine with Your Phone to Learn About Their Makeup

In 2015, fifth-generation winemaker Joseph Wagner sold his iconic Pinot Noir brand, Meiomi, to Constellation Brands for $315 million. The sale was the largest non-asset wine sale ever and came with a non-compete preventing Wagner from creating a new Pinot Noir brand, a non-compete that expired August 1 of this year. Now, four years later, […]

Wine Drinkers Should Pay More Attention to This Lesser-Known Spot in Burgundy

Ask a sommelier about Burgundy, and you’ll get an excited response. You’ll hear about the Côtes d’Or, a 65-kilometer stretch of hills that are home to the world’s most expensive and highly-regarded Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs. But while experts lavish justifiable praise on these wines, another piece of Burgundy—the Mâcon—is quietly making waves among U.S. […]

How San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music Festival Became Just as Popular for Food, Wine, and Beer

Approximately 200,000 people are expected to descend on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park this weekend for Outside Lands, a 3-day music festival featuring performance by acts such as Paul Simon, Childish Gambino, The Lumineers, and Blink-182. While music is obviously the draw for many fans to come to the festival, Outside Lands also has another […]

How Millennials’ Wine Preferences Differ From Boomers

Carlo Rossi jugs of wine have always been a hit with boomers but dismissed by millennials. So E. & J. Gallo did something about it. Late in 2017, the world’s largest family-owned winery debuted Carlo Rossi in 750-milliliter bottles–the first time it ever sold the brand in that format–because low-priced bulk wine didn’t resonate with […]

Prepackaged Sangria Is Having a Moment This Summer

Capriccio is a wine brand that became cool only when it turned into sangria. It had been a dusty brand that was sold in Puerto Rico, not registering much in the way of buzz or sales. But Capriccio’s owner, Florida Caribbean Distillers, took a look at the wine category to see which trends were taking […]