Michael J Fox’s Parkinson’s Foundation Is Teaming Up With DNA Testing Firm 23andMe

Michael J. Fox’s eponymous Parkinson’s foundation is teaming up with DNA testing firm 23andMe, the group tells Fortune. The new project is dubbed the Fox Insight Data Exploration Network (or Fox DEN) and will serve as the analytics platform for a Parkinson’s study being funded by the actor-advocate-patient’s Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research […]

Rakuten’s CEO Is Developing a Brilliant New Cancer Treatment: Light

Some types of innovation are fueled by curiosity. Others stem from the profit motive. (In many cases, it’s a bit of both). For Rakuten CEO Mickey Mikitani, the quest for groundbreaking science was born of heartbreak. Mikitani’s father’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis (and eventual death) spurred the serial entrepreneur to form a biotechnology outfit centered on […]

Want a Better Health System? You Need A.I. (And Here’s Why)

Few technologies in the past few years have fed the health care hype machine like artificial intelligence. A.I. isn’t just some shiny object to feed futurist dreams–it’s critical to building a better health system and understanding health across a wide population, argues IBM executive vice president John Kelly. Kelly spoke Tuesday at Fortune‘s Brainstorm Health […]

Senate Committee Says New Rules Will Ease Patients’ Access to Electronic Medical Records

The chairman of the Senate health committee on Tuesday backed new federal regulations to remove roadblocks patients can face in obtaining copies of their electronic medical records. “These proposed rules remove barriers and should make it easier for patients to more quickly access, use, and understand their personal medical information,” said Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), chairman […]

FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb Calls for Tighter Regulations on Electronic Health Records

Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb on Wednesday called for tighter scrutiny of electronic health records systems, which have prompted thousands of reports of patient injuries and other safety problems over the past decade. “What we really need is a much more tailored approach, so that we have appropriate oversight of EHRs when they’re […]

A Healthcare Story Everyone Should Read

This morning, FORTUNE and Kaiser Health News published a report on our months-long investigation into electronic health records (EHRs), which you can read here. The story, by two of the best healthcare journalists in the business–FORTUNE’s Erika Fry and KHN’s Fred Schulte–is nearly 10,000 words, and once you get started, I’m pretty sure you’re going […]

This Mobile ECG Can Help Catch Dangerous Heart Conditions (And It’s not the Apple Watch)

Apple made a splash with its Series 4 smartwatch, which comes with an integrated electrocardiogram (ECG) that can read heart rhythms. But a pioneering mobile ECG and digital health firm, AliveCor, is touting three new studies for its own KardiaMobile heart monitoring platform. AliveCor chief medical officer Jacqueline Shreibati spoke to Fortune prior to the […]

How Your Health Records Became a Health Crisis

At the simplest level, digitization means changing something, particularly information, into digital form. But that elemental description well underplays the size, the force, the impact of this process. Across the landscape of business, digitization has been nothing short of a seismic wave, shaking the foundations of venerable industries that had stood imperturbable for decades. It […]

Exclusive: This All-Digital Technology Could Help Fight a Common Liver Disease

Virta Health, a digital health upstart that helps treat and prevent diabetes without the use of medication or surgery, is touting a new study showing the approach also holds promise for a common liver disease, Fortune has learned. “These study results are particularly exciting because there are currently no drugs on the market to treat […]