Michael Bennet: I Got Lucky With My Cancer Treatment, But Many Americans Go Bankrupt. That’s Why We Need a Public Option

Nobody is ever ready to hear a diagnosis like the one I received from my doctor back in March: “You have prostate cancer.” I was preparing to announce my candidacy for president, and this was not the news I expected after a routine physical. Fortunately, it was caught early. Within a matter of weeks, I […]

Centene’s $15 Billion Purchase of WellCare Further Shrinks Health Insurance Market

U.S. health insurance company Centene has announced plans to buy its rival WellCare for $15.27 billion. The deal, valued at $17.3 billion after Centene assumes WellCare’s debts, is the latest consolidation in the health insurance space. Centene seemingly is looking to reduce its dependence on health-care exchanges that are part of the Affordable Care Act, […]

Workers and Retirees Alike Are Paying More for Health Care

For many workers, health insurance is no longer what it once was. Health care costs borne by employees in the form of deductibles and coinsurance rose at a far faster rate than what employer-sponsored insurers paid for care between 2006 and 2016, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Even Medicare beneficiaries under the program’s current […]

Trump Administration Edging Toward Forcing Hospitals to Publish Rates Negotiated With Insurers

U.S. health care costs hit a record $3.65 trillion in 2018. It’s the highest by far in the developed world, according to the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development. With such pressure on consumers, you might assume they would become practiced shoppers, demanding to know costs and effectiveness up front. But details are generally difficult […]