Forget ‘Captain Marvel.’ Meet Fortune’s Superwomen

Moviegoers are clearly excited about Disney’s Captain Marvel. The film, starring Brie Larson as Marvel’s first female superhero lead, looks poised to bring in more than $125 million domestically in its opening weekend. That puts it ahead of other recent superhero hits like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Deadpool. And Disney isn’t missing the chance to […]

10 Powerful Women Share Their Motivational ‘Pump Up’ Songs

Ask ten powerful women which ‘pump up’ song helped motivate them to achieve success and you’ll get ten different answers. Taken together, you have a playlist for the 21st Century. Kathy Murphy, president of Personal Investing at Fidelity Investments, says that Cyndi Lauper’s timeless and irrepressible pop anthem, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” has […]

14 Powerful Women Reveal Their Superpower at Work—From Sleep to Strength

What counts as a superpower for powerful women in business? Mind reading? Invisibility? Or maybe just something as basic–yet elusive–as the ability to clock eight hours of sleep. This International Women’s Day, Fortune asked more than a dozen executives what they consider to be their superpower (or the superpower they wish they had) at work. […]

What Quote Inspires You? 9 Powerful Women Share Their Favorite Sayings

Being an entrepreneur or hard-charging business professional undoubtably comes with its up and downs. And the tough times can call for nuggets of inspiration. Fortune asked some of the members of its Most Powerful Women community to share the quotes that have carried them through their careers. Below are the favorite sayings of three women, […]

Powerful Women’s Secret to the Power Pose? ‘Just Take Up Space’

How do you nail the “power pose?” In the words of one powerful woman, it’s all about filling up the room. “Sometimes you’ve just got to take up space,” says Julia Grace, Slack’s senior director of infrastructure engineering. “They tell you a lot of being successful is just taking up the space.” For International Women’s […]

Who Inspired Fortune’s Most Powerful Women? 9 Executives Name Their Real Life Heroes

Behind every powerful woman today is an inspirational figure who encouraged them–directory or not–to climb the career ladder. Fortune asked members of its Most Powerful Women community to name their real-world superheroes; here’s what they told us: Lisa Sherman, president and CEO of the Ad Council, chose tennis legend Billie Jean King. “She as a […]