She Was Picked to be the EU’s First Female Figurehead. Her Critics at Home Ask: Why?

The European Union might be about to get its first female figurehead, if the governments of its member states get their way. Ursula von der Leyen, Germany’s defense minister, suddenly emerged Tuesday as the compromise candidate for the bloc’s top job, which is currently occupied by Jean-Claude Juncker. Now all that lies between her and […]

Yellow Vests, Brexit and Cruise Backlash: Why Carnival Can’t Catch a Break in Europe

Recession in Southern Europe. The “yellow vest” revolts in France. Citizen backlash in Venice, Barcelona and Amsterdam. Price wars in Germany. And don’t forget about Brexit. Add it all up, and Carnival Corp has a big Europe problem. The weight of the old world’s macroeconomic and geopolitical troubles helped sink the company’s full-year guidance estimates […]

The U.S Department of Energy’s Rebranded ‘Freedom Gas’ Is a Not-So-Subtle Dig at Russia

Will Belgians and Germans looking to heat their homes this winter draw reassurance, and cheap energy bills, from American “freedom gas”? Maybe while they’re tucking into a classic dish of moules et “freedom fries”? (Remember that?) That’s more or less the claim from the Department of Energy (DOE), which touted the expansion of the Freeport […]

What a Radical Greek Economist Hopes to Gain in the EU Election

Nothing has ever been subtle with Yanis Varoufakis, the leather-jacketed, motorbike-riding economist who was finance minister of Greece for six of the most tumultuous months in that country’s history. Plain-spoken (to say the least) and a self-professed radical, he is, at 58, not nearly done waging war on Europe’s major power players. This week, he […]

These Eastern European Countries Are Home to Some of the Most Dynamic Winemakers Right Now

Thirty years ago, when the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet bloc of Eastern Europe began to dismantle itself, few people were probably thinking it would change what wine they enjoyed the next time they went out to eat. But today, one can stroll into the restaurant Freek’s Mill in Brooklyn, N.Y., and open a […]