‘This Is an Arms Race.’ Why Facebook Isn’t Winning Its War on Harmful Content—Yet

Facebook says its latest updates to News Feed, Messenger, and Instagram will help it battle misinformation and harmful content. While the new features incrementally turn the dial, don’t expect them to end fake news entirely. Facebook detailed its new rollouts at a press briefing on Wednesday at its Menlo Park headquarters. To combat bad actors […]

Google Introduces New Tools to Help Journalists Fight Fake News

A year into a $300 million push to support journalism, Google is introducing new tools to fight fake news. On Wednesday, the company unveiled a tool that helps news organizations tag stories that debunk misinformation so that Google News can more easily feature it. Another new tool provides journalists with a database of all stories […]

WhatsApp Is Testing a Pair of new Features to Stop the Spread of Fake News

WhatsApp is trying get a handle on the ugly side of its platform by testing two new features that could help stop the spread of false information. The Facebook-owned messaging app is currently beta testing an in-app browser, and a reverse image search tool, which pops up in chat and allows people to search to […]

Russian Lawmakers Plan to Extend Their Online Crackdown With ‘Fake News’ and ‘Disrespect’ Laws

The Russian parliament has green-lit two new laws that would allow the authorities there to fine or even jail people for disrespecting the government online, and for spreading so-called “fake news.” One law, if finalized, would prohibit posts that show disrespect for Russian society, the state, state symbols, and the authorities there, such as President […]