How a Boston Startup Could Revolutionize Weather Forecasting

This article first appeared in Data Sheet, Fortune’s daily newsletter on the top tech news. To get it delivered daily to your in-box, sign up here. Aaron in for Adam this morning. You’ve no doubt heard about the “Internet of Things”–maybe you’ve even heard too much–but Shimon Elkabetz wants you to start thinking about the […]

Date Sheet–How a Boston Startup Could Revolutionize Weather Forecasting

Aaron in for Adam this morning. You’ve no doubt heard about the “Internet of Things”–maybe you’ve even heard too much–but Shimon Elkabetz wants you to start thinking about the “Weather of Things.” While the government and most private weather forecasters rely on satellites and a network of weather stations and radars scattered around the country, […]

Wild One’s Debut of Healthier Dog Treats Reflects How Pet Startups Are Learning From Human Food Brands

“Sustainable” “Single ingredient.” “Ethically sourced.” These are all terms now often deployed to advertise grocery store products as more and more consumers become concerned with how their food is actually produced and processed. But typically, these are terms used to advertise food for humans. Increasingly, pet food companies are following suit in their production and […]

Ellevest Raises $33 Million From Valerie Jarrett and Melinda Gates’ Pivotal Ventures

Ellevest’s mission has always been to create more wealth for women through its digital investment platform. In a funding round announced Thursday, the two-year-old startup brought on investors backing that mission, including former Obama White House advisor Valerie Jarrett and Melinda Gates’ firm Pivotal Ventures. The investment is one of Pivotal Ventures’ first in a […]

21 Female Venture Capitalists on Investing, Diversity, and the Value of Independent Thought

We all know the stats. Only 2% of venture funding went to female founders, and just 8% of partners at the top venture capital firms are women. But in honor of International Women’s Day, I decided to highlight something else — the people behind the stats. I’ve conducted 49 interviews for Term Sheet’s ‘5 Qs […]

Data Sheet—Lyft Has Proven It Can Grow, But Not Necessarily Make Money

The financial world must periodically stand agape at the wonder of “technology” companies as they first reveal their results to the public. Lyft, for example, caused much hoopla by being the first of the expected mega-unicorns to file its IPO papers, as if a first-mover advantage matters in this regard. So Lyft is speedy. But […]

Digital Savvy Estonia Is Set to Get Its First Female Prime Minister

In Sunday’s parliamentary election in Estonia, the center-right Reform party won 29.4% of the vote, setting up its leader Kaja Kallas to become the first female prime minister of the Baltic country, so long as she can form a coalition government. Estonia’s ruling Centre party took second place with 23.1%, and the far-right Estonian Conservative […]

Data Sheet—Which Are the Best New 5G Phones This Year And Does Apple Care?

Sure, the paella is tasty, the weather is gorgeous, and the wine is flowing here in Barcelona, the site of the huge Mobile World Congress show this week. But that’s not why there are a lot of giddy telecom executives seemingly everywhere you look. At least I don’t think so. When I sat down with […]

Data Sheet—America’s Tech Behemoths Face a Reckoning

The technology industry is one of the least regulated collection of businesses in the world, especially given its impact on society. That’s about to change, as I report in an article in the new issue of Fortune, published online this morning. Big Tech, aptly dubbed “the behemoths” by new (and old) Attorney General William Barr, […]

What’s Next for the Guy Who Told Mark Zuckerberg Not to Drop Out of Harvard

There are plenty of different career paths, some more stable than others. I have one lawyer friend who’s had the same work phone number since the early 1990s. Others have taken more varied routes. On Wednesday, I interviewed software engineer Matt Welsh, who is about to make the sort of career jump that many of […]