5 Reasons Why the Sprint-T-Mobile Merger Looks Headed for Approval

Just over a year ago, T-Mobile, the third-largest wireless carrier, announced plans to acquire Sprint, the fourth-largest carrier. In the Obama era, regulators stepped in multiple times to prevent the U.S. wireless market from shrinking to just three major players via consolidation. But on Monday, Trump-appointed Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said he would […]

Forget Rural Internet—This Was the Real Agenda at Trump’s 5G Wireless Event

The Trump Administration made a few announcements about building super-fast 5G wireless networks on Friday, but the real purpose of the White House event was buried beneath the headlines. On the surface, President Trump and Federal Communications Commission chair Ajit Pai were promoting the schedule for a new spectrum auction and funds for extending faster […]

FCC Wants Mobile Carriers to Help Save Lives From the Ground Floor to the Penthouse

When emergency personnel respond to a 911 call in a multi-story building, they lose time and, possibly, lives when they don’t have an exact location for the caller. A new FCC proposal for carriers to provide vertical location data, would make those calls easier, and hopefully save lives. When someone calls 911 from their smartphone, […]

Democrats’ Net Neutrality Bill Would Restore Obama-Era FCC Rules

On Wednesday, Congressional Democrats introduced the Save the Internet Act of 2019, legislation that would restore the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules about net neutrality that were enacted during Obama administration. The three-page bill does not so much introduce a new law as wipe out an existing order issued by FCC chief Ajit Pai […]