Google Suspending Huawei’s Android License Could Be a ‘Death Blow.’ Should Other Tech Firms Be Scared?

In one swift move, Google delivered a “death blow” to Huawei on Sunday, suspending the Chinese company’s Android license and potentially stopping the growth of the world’s second largest smartphone maker in its tracks. Google’s decision–the first time it’s taken such a measure with one of the world’s leading smartphone makers–halts Huawei from selling future […]

A New Google Antitrust Probe Could Spell Trouble for Its Auto Domination Plans

Google has been hit by yet another antitrust investigation in Europe, but this time it’s not about well-worn complaints over the company’s behavior in the search and smartphone operating-system markets–it’s effectively a clash with Europe’s biggest utility, Enel, and it could spell trouble for Google’s automotive ambitions. Google has for the last four years or […]

Eye on A.I.— Why Hardware Is So Important to A.I.’s Future

Using artificial intelligence successfully isn’t just about software. Companies are quickly realizing that the hardware it runs on and is trained on is also critical. Take the example of Google, a leader in A.I. Last week, during its annual developer conference in Mountain View, Calif., the company debuted its new line of Internet-connected home products […]

Behind the Scenes: What Went Into the Mother’s Day Google Doodle

The Google Doodle team produces around 500 artistic iterations on the company’s logo per year. They honor holidays, notable historical figures, events, and more. In the nearly 21 years since Google began publishing Doodles, they’ve changed quite a bit. “Initially, when the Doodles were on the home page, they were just a static image. And […]

Pay Less Attention to Uber’s IPO. And Everyone Else’s.

This article first appeared in Data Sheet, Fortune’s daily newsletter on the top tech news. To get it delivered daily to your in-box, sign up here. I’m bored with IPOs. Permit me to explain. In my Silicon Valley formative years, just before the inflation of what came to be known as the first Internet bubble, […]

How Google’s Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL Stack Up Against Low-Cost iPhones

Google is betting that cheaper smartphones with less powerful features can help it make a mark in the mobile market, but stepping out from Apple’s shadow might prove to be the biggest challenge. At its Google I/O developer confab Tuesday in Mountain View, Calif., Google unveiled its new Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL smartphones. […]

Five Things Google Debuted at Google I/O

Google made its name on its proprietary search tool. But at its annual developer conference Google I/O, CEO Sundar Pichai made it clear that the company wants to be more of an all-around solutions company. “We’re moving from a company that helps you find answers to a company that helps you get things done,” said […]

Eye on A.I.— Facebook and Google’s Fierce and Nerdy Rivalry Over A.I. Software

Facebook and Google aren’t merely competing for dominance in online advertising. They’re also battling over artificial intelligence. At the core of their tussle is the underlying software for creating neural networks, the software that learns on its own to recognize patterns within data. Although neural networks have been around for decades, it wasn’t until recently […]