Why Electrification Is Powering Fiat Chrysler’s Renault Merger Ambitions

Fiat Chrysler has never been terribly big on electrification, but that has to change–and so it will, if the company gets Renault to agree to a merger. The $35 billion deal, proposed Monday, would be a merger of equals, with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Groupe Renault’s shareholders each getting half of the combined entity. […]

Automakers Are Pursuing an Electric, Autonomous Future. But First: Massive Cuts

BMW has announced a $13.6 billion savings and efficiency plan that is largely intended to help it invest more in technology. This is becoming a familiar story in an auto industry that’s going through massive transformation. Going all-electric and embracing automated driving is an expensive business, and coming out on top seems likely to be […]

Tesla’s Cost-Saving Plan to Close Stores Hits a Legal Speed Bump: Its Retail Landlords

Elon Musk’s plans to shut down most of Tesla’s retail stores may have been intended to cut costs and help Tesla lower the price of its Model 3 electric sedan to $35,000. Instead, it may expose the company to new headaches. The latest, according to the Wall Street Journal: The risk of legal challenges from […]

General Motors Shutters Lordstown Factory After 52 Years

General Motors closed down its Lordstown, Ohio manufacturing facility, with the plant’s last Chevy Cruze rolling off the assembly line Wednesday afternoon, after 52 years of auto production. GM is shuttering the Lordstown plant as part of a restructuring effort by CEO Mary Barra to improve the company’s financial position. The company is eliminating 1,700 […]