Data Sheet—What’s Wrong With San Francisco

It is open season on the technology industry and its capital city. And not without reason. The behemoth tech companies that created so much excitement, value, and utility for consumers everywhere have worn out their welcome for the time being. Facebook abetted the ruination of democracy. Twitter has helped foul the national discourse. Apple has […]

Data Sheet—All Aboard the Navy’s First A.I. Warship

The 311th largest company on this year’s Fortune 500 list is a technology company I’d never heard of. It’s called Leidos, which, according to Data Sheet’s own Aaron Pressman’s fine new magazine feature, was created by lopping the beginning and ending of the word kaleidoscope. Those familiar with big defense contractors will recognize the company’s […]

Data Sheet—How Trump’s China Trade War Is Morphing Into a Tech War

Good morning. Clay Chandler in Hong Kong, filling in for Adam. Shares in Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology, the world’s largest manufacturer of surveillance equipment, and rival Zhejiang Dahua Technology tanked on the Shenzhen exchange Wednesday following news that the Trump administration may forbid the companies from buying U.S. technology, adding them to a national security […]

Data Sheet—Behind AT&T’s Epic Battle Against Netflix, Disney and the Rest

Twelve years ago, Netflix started offering movies streamed over the Internet. It was a herky-jerky, frustrating experience, and it took a visionary (Reed Hastings) to see what streaming would do to the movie business and its then-cash cow, the DVD. Fast forward to today and streaming video is easily the most exciting consumer technology offering […]

Cyber Saturday—Facebook Data Ownership, WhatsApp Phone Hack, ‘Blockchain Week’

New York City’s just-concluded “blockchain week” was palpably more subdued than it has been in years past. (Or maybe I was just not invited back to the parties after my 2018 travelogue.) In any case, I took a brief break from the madness of the Fortune 500 issue close to drop by the Consensus conference, […]

Data Sheet—Why the U.S.-China Trade War Won’t Be Ending Anytime Soon

Good morning, Clay Chandler writing for Adam today. President Trump will sign an executive order this week barring U.S. companies from using telecommunications equipment produced by firms deemed a risk to national security, several wire services report. The measure won’t name specific countries or companies, but will effectively ban Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies from […]

Data Sheet—Why It Makes Sense To Charge for Online News

I have more than a passing interest in legacy brands defending their turfs against digital upstarts. With that in mind, I met last week in San Francisco with John Ridding, CEO of the Financial Times Group, publisher of the storied British newspaper that’s now owned by the Japanese financial news organization Nikkei. Ridding has presided […]

Data Sheet—Facebook’s Defense Is Accurate–But Not On Point

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president for global affairs and communications, had zero experience as a corporate spokesman before taking the job. (He was a junior partner in the Tory-led government that gave the United Kingdom Brexit.) But he seems to have fit right in at the online publisher in terms of making side-stepping arguments that […]

Cyber Saturday—Verizon Breach Report, Facebook Sues Data Abuser, China’s NSA Loot

A couple weeks ago I received an email message with the subject line “Urgent Request !!!” The note purported to be from Adam Lashinsky, this newsletter’s weekday columnist, a man whose comminqu?s I am wont not to ignore. Yet I knew instantly, even before opening the note, that the composer was an imposter. The tell: […]