Eye on A.I.— Why Hardware Is So Important to A.I.’s Future

Using artificial intelligence successfully isn’t just about software. Companies are quickly realizing that the hardware it runs on and is trained on is also critical. Take the example of Google, a leader in A.I. Last week, during its annual developer conference in Mountain View, Calif., the company debuted its new line of Internet-connected home products […]

Eye on A.I.— Facebook and Google’s Fierce and Nerdy Rivalry Over A.I. Software

Facebook and Google aren’t merely competing for dominance in online advertising. They’re also battling over artificial intelligence. At the core of their tussle is the underlying software for creating neural networks, the software that learns on its own to recognize patterns within data. Although neural networks have been around for decades, it wasn’t until recently […]

Eye on A.I.— Retail Has Big Hopes For Artificial Intelligence. But Shoppers May Have Other Ideas

Walmart has opened a store in Levittown, N.Y. that is intended to showcase the power of artificial intelligence. The store, announced last week, is packed with video cameras, digital screens, and over 100 servers, making it appear more like a corporate data center than a discount retailer. All that machinery helps Walmart automatically track inventory […]

Law Enforcement Shouldn’t Rely Entirely on A.I. to Decide Whether to Detain Suspects, Report Says

Law enforcement shouldn’t base their decisions to detain suspects or extend prison terms entirely on artificial intelligence because its flaws and biases. A report published Friday by Partnership on AI (PAI), formed by tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook along with advocacy groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, is intended a sound a […]

Eye on A.I.— How to Fix Artificial Intelligence’s Diversity Crisis

In recent years, researchers and journalists have highlighted artificial intelligence technology sometimes stumbling when it comes to minorities and women. Facial recognition technology, to name just one, is more likely to become confused when scanning dark-skinned women than light-skinned men. Last week, AI Now, a research group at New York University, released a study about […]

Eye on A.I.— Why Video Games Are Key to Better A.I.

Artificial intelligence demolished the best professional e-sports team in the strategy video game Dota 2, highlighting how technology is better than humans at a growing list of complex tasks. The competition, if you can call it that, took place in San Francisco on Saturday. The point was to showcase the potential of deep learning, a […]

A.I. Bias Isn’t the Problem. Our Society Is

On Wednesday, Sens. Ron Wyden and Cory Booker and Rep. Yvette Clarke introduced the Algorithmic Accountability Act, indicating policymakers’ increasing concern that artificial intelligence is magnifying human bias in tools such as facial recognition, self-driving cars, customer service, marketing, and content moderation. While A.I. has incredible potential to improve our lives, the truth is that […]

Eye on A.I.— Why You Should Be Concerned About China’s Gains in Artificial Intelligence

Chinese tech giants Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent are rapidly improving their artificial intelligence, challenging current U.S. tech leaders like Google and Amazon. China’s so-called BAT companies, as New York University business professor and futurist Amy Webb calls them in her latest book, The Big Nine, get a big boost from their government’s funding and tech-friendly […]

Europe Thinks Ethics Is the Key to Winning the A.I. Race. Not Everyone Is Convinced

Can ethics be a competitive advantage in the booming artificial intelligence industry? Europe’s executive body hopes so, but some industry voices are skeptical. The European Commission on Monday announced a pilot of ethical A.I. guidelines proposed by a group of independent experts that includes representatives of companies such as Google, IBM and SAP, along with […]

This Year’s Most Innovative Companies Are Huge. But Scale Isn’t a Prerequisite for Great Ideas

Boston Consulting Group has put out its latest rundown of the most innovative companies, as nominated by 2,500 executives the consultants interviewed. Unsurprisingly, there’s a big tech presence at the top. Here’s the top 10: 1) Alphabet/Google 2) Amazon 3) Apple 4) Microsoft 5) Samsung 6) Netflix 7) IBM 8) Facebook 9) Tesla 10) Adidas […]