Sears’ Seven Decades of Self-Destruction

The kindest media attention Sears has attracted in years arrived in April, when the company announced it was opening three small stores. “The start of a new Sears era? The retailer announces openings, not closings,” read USA Today‘s hopeful headline, which echoed others nationwide. But viewed through a longer lens, the coverage was more pathetic […]

What the Fortune 500 Would Look Like as a Microbiome

Biologists tend to see the world in “omes”–genomes that capture our internal universes of genes, microbiomes that reveal the synergistic flora in our guts, and more. With that sense of ecosystems in mind, here is America’s “corporatome.” The $13.7 trillion in revenue produced by the Fortune 500 equals two-thirds of U.S. GDP. And within this […]

How Many People Work for the U.S. Federal Government?

April 15 is a day that most Americans should feel like a boss. That indelible mark on the calendar–Tax Day–is a reminder, after all, that you’ve got 2,098,913 people on your payroll, as of June. That said, you may be surprised by where exactly your employees are working: The largest share, for instance, is tasked […]

Understanding the Scandal That’s Tarnished Justin Trudeau’s Glowing Image

When he was first elected as Canada’s prime minister in 2015, Justin Trudeau promised openness, accountability and transparency in politics. In just one month, that reputation has been all but lost. Trudeau, the son of 16-year former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, has a lot going for him: Canada has the lowest levels of unemployment in […]