The U.S. Threatened France With China-Style Tariffs Over Its Digital Tax Plans. The French Didn’t Blink

The U.S. is so upset about France’s proposed tax on digital giants that it’s threatened to use the same tariff law against the European country that it’s deployed against China. But on Thursday French lawmakers approved the measure anyway. France unveiled the tax in March, following the breakdown of attempts to form a united European […]

7 Books in Business and Journalism You Should Read This Summer

Summer reading lists shouldn’t be just for schoolkids. It’s the best time of year to relax at the park or on the beach with a fresh new book. Here is a selection of some of the most exciting releases in business and journalism books this summer. The Plaza: The Secret Life of America’s Most Famous […]

These Canned Wines Are Perfect for Summer 2019

If you asked someone–regardless of their level of wine knowledge–a few years ago about canned wine, it probably would have been laughed off. With very few exceptions, canned wine has not been met with much welcome from wine drinkers–until now. While you shouldn’t be expecting a wine out of a can that will blow your […]

Alain Ducasse Steps Into Specialty Coffee With New Paris Tasting Room and Roastery

The scene is eminently familiar: a sleek zinc bar behind which a trio of servers sporting pressed aprons move swiftly in coffee choreography: dialing in, adjusting the grind, grinding the beans, tamping the ground coffee and extracting the shot. Clients sit, rapt, on orange leather-coated barstools and lean over the counter to make small talk […]

France Asks a Devastating Question: What Role Did Telecom Executives Play in 35 Employee Suicides?

In 2008 and 2009, dozens of employees of France Telecom took their own lives or attempted suicide amid a massive restructuring at the company. A 52-year-old technician who killed himself in July 2009 described the situation as “management by terror” in his suicide note. Starting this week, six former executives, one current exec, and the […]

A Late Professor Digitally Scanned Notre Dame. Now His Work May Give the Cathedral New Life 

On Tuesday morning, after fire ravaged Paris’s Notre Dame cathedral, the EU’s top digital affairs civil servant lamented the loss of one of Europe’s wonders. “Preserving with digitization is important for us and for future generations,” Roberto Viola tweeted. “With Notre Dame we’ve lost a piece of our history.” Viola’s tweet bore a link to […]

A Challenge of Rebuilding Notre Dame: The Forests That Supplied Its Wood Are All But Gone

As flames erupted in the attic of Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday, some 400 firefighters rushed to save one of Europe’s great historical and architectural symbols. The blaze, the cause of which remains unknown, raged for 12 hours, toppling Notre Dame’s 13th Century center spire in the process. The Paris Police Force deemed it […]

Massive Fire Tears Through Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

A major fire ripped through Notre-Dame cathedral in central Paris late Monday, forcing the evacuation of thousands of visitors and causing French President Emmanuel Macron to postpone a planned speech to the nation. Live television footage showed flames engulfing the roof and spire, and smoke billowing out into the evening skyline of the French capital. […]

France Hits Google and Amazon With New Digital Tax to ‘Restore Fiscal Justice’

France Unveils Its New ‘GAFA’ Digital Tax, Named After Those It Targets: Google, Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon The French economy minister on Wednesday unveiled his proposal for a new tax on digital giants from Google to Uber. The 3% revenue tax–known locally as the “GAFA” tax after the initials for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon–would apply […]