Netflix Is Putting Out Its Own Magazine, and Hired a ‘Vanity Fair’ Editor to Help

Netflix is planning its first magazine, but you won’t find it on a newsstand. The world’s largest online TV network plans to publish a journal–titled Wide–to promote its programs and stars ahead of this year’s Emmys, the biggest awards gala in TV. The 100-plus page inaugural issue will include interviews, essays, and features about and […]

For Your Consideration, Amazon and Netflix Will Spend Millions to Woo Emmy Voters This Year

Winter is coming–for TV executives’ pocketbooks. An in-depth new Variety report notes that the forthcoming Emmy Awards season may be the most expensive yet, as streaming services and networks vie for for TV’s biggest awards. Though the Emmys won’t be broadcast until September 22, and voting won’t be finished until late summer, the industry’s “for […]