Huawei Delays Its Foldable Mate X Phone As It Faces a Trifecta of Market Headwinds

If you’re really looking forward to getting your hands on Huawei’s new 5G foldable phone, you’re unfortunately out of luck–the beleaguered Chinese company’s Mate X will be rolled out later rather than sooner. Originally due in mid-2019, the Mate X will only come out in September, corporate communications chief Vincent Pang told Reuters. Pang suggested […]

Google’s I/O Conference Is Coming: Here’s What to Expect

New smartphones, a new operating system, and a new foray into gaming will likely be the focus at Google’s I/O developer conference, a three-day event for app developers and hardware makers that starts Tuesday. Attendees, along with tech fans at home watching the livestream, will be closely following the conference’s keynote presentation, when Google CEO […]

Apple Week in Review: iPhones Rumors, Tim Cook on Doing ‘What’s Right’

Apple is working on new iPhones for later this year, but don’t expect them to have dramatically different designs. Reports this week said that Apple’s planned iPhones look nearly identical to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max from last year. This time around, Apple will focus more on the components inside the devices that […]

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Won’t Ship Until June 13. Here’s What You Need to Know

Samsung’s high-profile Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone that received scathing media reviews for problems with its screen will now debut in June, nearly two months later than originally planned. In an email on Wednesday, AT&T, one of Samsung’s carrier partners, told customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold that the device would now ship on June 13. […]

Foldable Phone Sales Won’t Open to Big Numbers, Analysts Say

The top Android phone makers showed off foldable models at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona this year. But are the devices, featuring reader-friendly large screens that fold to fit in a pants pocket, the next big thing or just a minor niche? Considering the phones’ high prices and emerging questions about durability, the […]

Apple and Samsung’s Pricey Phone Strategies Run Head On Into Reality

In recent years, Apple and Samsung have both raised prices on their high-end phones. These days, their devices can cost more than monthly rent in many large U.S. cities. Last year’s Apple iPhone XS Max tops out at almost $1,450. Meanwhile, Samsung’s new Galaxy S10+ can cost as much as $1,600. As a result, phone […]

Will Apple Make a Folding iPhone? Corning’s Upcoming Bendable Glass Is an Early Clue

Corning, Apple‘s supplier of the thin, scratch resistant Gorilla Glass used on smartphones and other devices, confirmed on Tuesday that it is working on a bendable glass that could be used in future foldable smartphones. Foldable smartphones are expensive and fashionable right now, but the devices use plastic, not glass, to achieve their folding form. […]