Special Counsel Robert Mueller to Testify on July 17

Special counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to testify publicly before Congress on July 17 after Democrats issued subpoenas to compel him to appear, the chairmen of two House committees announced Tuesday. Mueller’s unusual back-to-back testimony in front of the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees is likely to be the most highly anticipated congressional hearing in […]

Why Couldn’t Mueller Indict Trump? This DOJ Policy Prevented Him

As he resigned from his post Wednesday, former special counsel Robert Mueller explained that “longstanding” Department of Justice policy prevents a sitting president from being charged with a federal crime. Therefore, while his office investigated potential offenses committed by President Donald Trump, charging Trump was “not an option we could consider.” The policy blocking indicting […]

Robert Mueller Resigns, Says Charging Trump With Crime Was ‘Not an Option’

Announcing his resignation, Special Counsel Robert Mueller said Wednesday that charging President Donald Trump with a crime was “not an option,” citing department policy that a sitting president cannot be indicted. “Under longstanding department policy, a president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office. That is unconstitutional. Even if the […]

Attorney General William Barr Says Mueller Report Will Be Released by ’Mid-April’

Attorney General William Barr told the House and Senate Judiciary Committees Friday that the Department of Justice is “well along” with redactions of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report and will have it ready for release by “mid-April, if not sooner,” CNN reports. The news comes just as Democrats increased pressure for a full release of […]

President Trump Supports Public Release of Mueller Report

President Trump says that he is looking forward to seeing the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and that he would welcome the public seeing it as well. Speaking to reporters Wednesday on the White House’s South Lawn, Trump said, “Let it come out. Let people […]

Mueller Requests Another Delay in Former Trump Campaign Official’s Sentencing

Special counsel Robert Mueller and lawyers for former Trump campaign official Rick Gates requested a delay in Gates’ sentencing Friday, citing cooperation in “several ongoing investigations.” The joint court filing requested 60 more days before the next update on Gates’ status, CNBC reports, their third request for such a delay. Gates was one of the […]

‘Who Framed Roger Stone?’ And ‘Stone Zone’ Websites Deleted After Mueller Accused Him Of Violating Gag Order

The day after special counselor Robert Mueller flagged one of Roger Stone’s Instagram posts as a possible gag order violation, CNBC reported Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s crony has now deleted two websites he was using to fund his defense against seven criminal charges–which include witness tampering and lying to Congress. One of the deleted […]

Robert Mueller Is an ‘American Hero,’ Former White House Lawyer Says

Former White House lawyer Ty Cobb defended the special counsel’s investigation Tuesday, calling Robert Mueller an “American hero” and arguing that his work is not a “witch hunt” as President Donald Trump frequently suggests. “I think the world of Bob Mueller,” said Cobb on ABC News’ “The Investigation” podcast. He commended Mueller for his time […]