Trump’s Huawei Ban: A Bane for Apple?

Greetings from Hong Kong. Clay Chandler, filling in for Alan, with CEO Daily’s weekly Sino-Saturday edition. When the Trump administration slapped punitive tariffs on Chinese imports last July, Apple was the only major American tech firm granted an exemption. Because US consumers are so addicted to their iPhones, and because so many Chinese workers are […]

How China’s top-down political system holds it back

Clay Chandler here, chiming in from Hong Kong with CEO Daily’s weekly Sino-Saturday edition. It has been more than a week now since the collapse of trade talks between the world’s two largest economies. China and Washington have since announced billions of dollars in new tariffs on each others’ exports. Official rhetoric between the two […]

China Slumps, Pinterest Drops, Bitcoin Plunges: CEO Daily for May 17, 2019

Good morning. Is capitalism in crisis? That’s a question being asked more frequently these days as a result of rising inequality, growing sympathy for socialism among the young, the leftward lurch of the Democratic Party, capitalists-turned-Cassandras like Ray Dalio and Peter Georgescu, and a host of new books including Anand Ghiridharadas’ Winner Take All, Shoshana […]